In the heart of Europe

Between London and Livorno, between Singapore and Seattle, between Hong Kong and Hamburg, the globalised world of business has found a new home. In abuilding that promises dynamic momentum on the outside, and makes good on the promise with its unique location. Raised directly at Frankfurt International Airport and on top of the ICE high-speed train station, THE SQUAIRE is the perfect business location for our fast-paced international age. Who else has a high-speed train downstairs, a jetliner at the doorstep, and the freeway at the end of the driveway?

Airport 5 min. 1,200 flights and 150,000 passengers per day
High-speed train station 2 min. 210 long-distance trains per day
Local railway station 5 min. More than 400 buses and suburban trains per day
Taxi stands 2 min. Directly at the entrance to THE SQUAIRE
Freeways 3 min. A3, A5, A67
Parking 2 min. 2,500 parking spaces in THE SQUAIRE Parking