Finally Settled.

Leave the car at THE SQUAIRE Parking. Take my little boy to preschool. Attend a brief meeting at the office and a video conference at the conference centre later on. Pick up clothes from the dry cleaner's in-between, and have the car washed. Next, take the ICE to Cologne, and return in the afternoon. Just in time, because my little boy is waiting.

The NEW WORK CITY concept of THE SQUAIRE enables you to reconcile work and private life: THE SQUAIRE is an entire city under one roof. With short distances. Where people meet face to face, thanks to its great transport connections. After all, even in times of online communication, eight out of ten business transactions are closed by shaking hands.

Richard Florida, US economist:

"The key importance of having a contemporary and flexible working environment that makes a point of harmonizing job and family is backed up by scientific findings."

Florida defines five developments that are manifest today – trends that will shake up the global structure and permanently alter the requirements facing businesses:

  1. Creativity provides a head start
    Staff knowledge and ideas are a company's most valuable asset.
  2. Proximity as a key factor
    Personal encounters enhance competitiveness.
  3. The development of mega-regions
    Around the world, economic hubs develop where airport cities play an important role.
  4. The importance of agility
    The driving force of a globalized world is faster mobility.
  5. Flexible working and living environments With an increasing density of places where people congregate, new perspectives open up.


THE SQUAIRE and the NEW WORK CITY concept represent a response to these trends.